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Lawyer in Medellin ready to fight for your rights in any type of legal situation… Statistics show that every 14 seconds a person faces some type of legal situation in their lives, which in some cases not only jeopardizes their well being but also their family’s.

Lawyer in MedellinWe are a law firm based in Medellin, Colombia made up of professional lawyers providing services in the metropolitan area of Medellin and all of  Colombia.  We have been helping individuals and families with their legal situations for more than 20 years. A legal problem can ruin your life or at least mess with your piece of mind and that of your family, do not trust your legal situations to just any lawyer. We help individuals and families regain tranquility, because of the way we aggressively fight for the rights of our clients.

If you; have been involved in a traffic accident, have been arrested for some type of crime, have been unfairly fired from your job, suffered some kind of accident of no fault of your own or have been injured on the job, lost a loved one due to the negligence or intentional harm of another, want to separate from your spouse or partner, need a divorce, need assistance with family issues such as custody or adoptions, contact us today.

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Lawyer in Medellin Ready to Fight for Your Rights

If someone has caused you harm, Colombian law requires them to pay a compensation, including medical expenses and lost wages if you can not continue working.  But as in other countries, you must act fast so as not to lose the opportunity to claim damages.  As far as accidents go, you should always have a lawyer with you, when having any type of contact with insurance companies and/or the responsible party.

Legal Assistance and Representation in Medellin and Colombia

Our law firm handles all kinds of cases and claims in the area of Medellin and all of Colombia including but not limited to; Property Damage, Personal Injury, Birth Defects, Medical Malpractice, Work Accidents, Traffic Accidents, Criminal Cases, Family Law, Pensions, Probate, Collections Management and many other legal situations.  We also have a team of experienced business lawyers to give legal advice to investors before starting a business or buying any type of property in Medellin or any place in Colombia.

If you are thinking about or are in the process of buying any type of property or starting a business in any city or town in Colombia, please give us a call before continuing to the next step in the process.  We can really help you avoid mistakes that can cause you lots of money and time, which in turn will save you lots of headaches.

Criminal Defense Attorney in MedellinThink of us as your safety line when you, a family member or business faces any type of legal situation.  When that happens call us, we have a lawyer in Medellin ready to assist you.

If you are facing a legal situation that requires confidential advice and/or representation, we have a team of experienced lawyers in Medellin ready for you to consult with or to represent you anywhere in the country with any type of legal situation that you face! Do not let time work against you, contact us ASAP and tell us about your situation. One of our experienced attorneys can thoroughly explain what your options are regarding your specific situation and advice you on the path to take. Our team of lawyers in Medellin, is highly qualified to advise and / or represent you if required to, in connection with any area of law.  Call us and speak to a lawyer in Medellin right now.

We offer consultation and representation in all types of legal situations, such as:

Criminal Law
Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law
Military Law and Police Procedures
Family Law and Divorce
Labor Law
Civil Rights
Traffic Accident Responsibility and Work Relates Issues
Claims against the State
Collections and Recovery Portfolio
Fiscal Responsibility
Tax Law
Commercial Law

Colombian law regulates the time within which to make a legal claim for damages and injuries caused by accidents or incidents. It is therefore very important that you rely on the services of a talented professional lawyer in Medellin, specialized in handling your type of case as soon as possible after the event. So don’t wait to consult with an experienced lawyer about your situation, our law firm does not charge for the initial consultation by phone.

We know that a personal injury or a legal situation can be devastating and affect every aspect of our customers’ lives. We understand the physical, emotional and financial challenges that it can cause you and your family, so we strive to give you the best legal advice to assist you in making educated decisions about your situation.

Our lawyers in Medellin have experience representing clients in cases in the courts of Medellin and all of Colombia, we are committed to making the law work in your favor. We also make sure that when you call our law firm you talk to a lawyer in Medellin with experience in the legal area pertaining to your case and not just any lawyer.

Our law offices are located in Medellin, Colombia. We are here to serve you with legal consultations and representations in all types of legal situations within the entire territory of Colombia. Call us today at 604 334-2633 or 300 356 4041 and talk to an experienced lawyer in Medellin.